Working Together Works

Let Me Start by Thanking Everyone for your Positive Feed back; Considering the current crisis we are facing, now more than ever before we need each other.

We need people to secure Land through Adverse Possession, We need to grow our Own food and educate our own children.

We need people willing to secure our lands and protect All that we hold sacred.  According to the International Law that is our right, Duty and Responsibility. 2013-04-12 06.12.48

Everyone has been enduring a tremendous hardship, brought on by the CV-19 and now the ugly underbelly of Racism/Genocide has increased on an overwhelming scale.  The looting and rioting has effected my grandchildren -Heirs-Posterity in an unimaginable and frightening way.

We know that Al Morocco is America-Northwest Amexem-The North Gate- Temple of the Moon and Sun.  We know we are not negro. Black, colored, African Americans etc.  We Know that; we are a Serious Creation of the Most High Living Creator.  We know we are the Muurs/Moors whom traversed the 7 seas and brought civilization to the world.

Now, this society has deteriorated into a cesspool of  overflowing violence, deceit and ill-willed  individuals of every-kind. (Revelations 18:4)

Scripture commands; that we the Children of the Most high living Creator come out of her and re-establish our own communities. Within the Americas; theses are Our lands given to us for our inheritance.(Micah 2:1-3)-(Ezekiel 1:21)

Working Together Works;  We need People; who know they are indigenous and who have something to offer the community.  I myself make jewelry, candles, and I enjoy  exploring a plant based diet. Learning about language and all things related to Nature.

If you decide to visit my site Please be Moor specific about how you maybe able to contribute your knowledge and expertise.    Shalom

The Power of Language

The House of Khemet is Aware of the Power of language. While Researching the Etymology of various words and how they apply in everyday life; I wandered upon some eye-opening information. The English language in particular is notorious in its attempt to mislead and manipulate the public into Believing it’s the correct and proper Kings English Never to be questioned, the origins of the words origination. Most People have never heard of the word etymology: The study of the origin of words and the ways in which they are applied; Please note the ways All the meanings have changed over the Years… are Simply astonishing

For Example: BLACK  Before we go any further lets take a closer look at the word black…What word just jumps out at ya?  I Only see the word “lack” So I ask myself… is some one trying to send a message or what?  Well if that be the case what do black Ppl lack?   Do they lack knowledge, Opportunity or Money?   I have Great news 2 out of 3 of the problems have already been SOLVED.  Thanks to The Internet All you need to do is study and ask your Heart if what you are Learning feels right…Remember the Heart not the Brain; and Google should bee Close by…Speaking of Google check out what the word money really means:   The word Money Refers to metal and coinage, not paper.  Paper was refered  to as documents. from the 14th century. Meaning Shortened form of Newspaper from Old French papier.
Then ask your self do these words REALLY  reflect who I am and what I want to Accomplish.  the Word from the Old English word black meaning Shining, glitter, and pale.  It’s An Adjective and describes a noun.  It’s Not a Nationality, its Not a country region or Territory.  This in No Way Shape form or Fashion Applies to Me.

That’s why its imperative that we develop and use our own Language A language that’s the mother of All the Modern day Languages.  Original Hebrew is the Language of OurAncestors. before the flood.  When we Speak the Language of our Forefathers and Mothers “the Framer and The Shaper” Its The Way I’ve Found Bast To Communicate With the Most High.

House of Khemet is committed to re-establishing Our Original Language among other traditions as Indigenous People of this Land it is our Right and duty to be self-sufficient and rely upon each other to Manifest the kind of Reality we choose.


Sowing The Seeds Of Love

“Which One Will You Feed”

Its Taken Me Many Months to Come up with the Proper Introduction; I Feel Represents the True Purpose and Meaning for House of Khemet.  This Indigenous Proverb Really Stands out by making a thought-provoking statement that resonates through out every fiber of my being.

So…Always Remember “We are Spiritual  Beings having a Physical experience”.  All of Our Greatness dwell within these Physical bodies. These Bodies will one day return to the dust from which it came.  The Spirit within that body will vibrate to what ever level it has risen to in life.  It is My Firm Belief; We all come here with A Divine Purpose to leave a Legacy for the Children whom will come After.

House of Khemet is committed to fulfilling that Divine Purpose.  First We as the Mothers and Fathers of Civilization must know who we are; by Re-establishing Our Divine Laws of Love,Turth,Peace,Justice and Equality. Love is the Greatest of All.  When we Really Know Ourselves we Would never do Harm to ourselves.  KEEP VIBRATING HIGHER!!!